Wednesday, November 5, 2008

my views : the current state of things

actually, i change my mind. f homework. my views.

this election showed the world that Americans are NOT always going to stick to the same tired old patterns over and over; we are willing to let go of age-old (albeit incredibly stupid) feelings and divisions, take hold of the present, and do the right thing. although he was a bit old, John McCain fit the cookie-cutter formula for president of the USA: white, christian male, rich. obama (make that PRESIDENT OBAMA!!!) calls for change, and change is what we need.
now that he has been elected (by a LANDSLIDE), the entire world lets out a great sigh of relief, i think. in only 2 1/2 more months, bush will be removed from power and unable to threaten the world ever again. obama will turn not only this country, but this WORLD around from the dark pit of despair bush has sent it spinning into.
since obama has been elected, the world can find a renewed sense of trust in the US. hopefully they will give us a second chance; with luck, they'll think, "hey, they elected obama - how bad can they be?" and alliances will be repaired and formed, and the WAR WILL BE OVER. thanks god.

i could totally go on forever, but i really must be going.
love & peace,
~ r

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