Saturday, September 20, 2008

party report: molly + annie

it was so fun. A picked me and C up, then we met M at the movies and saw my best friend's girl... r. yeah. A underestimated the amount of naughtiness in it. (so we "saw" The Women). pathetic/poetic mistake. shot in boston?
then we hightailed it back to m's, where we ate cheesecake and played guitar hero. then C had to leave, and we sat on the roof and took stupid pictures and almost fell asleep out there. we came back in and watched Pink Panther. (well, i did, because it was too loud for me to fall asleep to. A and M were out.)
am: A and i tried to get M up, but failed, so we started to watch Failure to Launch. but we had to go.

ok, now i'm off to lisa's bday fete. ciao!

~ r

ps: xc yesterday = capture the flag

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