Sunday, September 14, 2008

latest buy: gray bf cardi

so i finally got a basic light gray boyfriend cardigan. [don't mind the sweats - i'm still sick, and it's just that sort of day.]FINALLY. from target, surprisingly. i also saw a cute red plaid blazer and some cord jackets, but alas - i was running out of money. the target site seems to be down, so i snapped some pictures while i was there... top: black ruffle GO blouse, target
bottom: red plaid GO blazer, target
($40... that i totally don't have. i NEED a job.)

and yes, it's STILL raining. weather coming up from hurricane ____ (whatever it is now... ike, i think?) yeah. so it's 70, humid, and raining cats and dogs, pigs and piccolos, ants and flamingos. aka, hard.
and i'm still sick, unfortunately. i have no idea how i'm going to run tomorrow... at least there aren't any meets this week.
haha... i'm seriously considering getting a pair of wellies... with this weather, i'm bound to need them. :P and i just looked at the radar... there's a cloud over michigan. all of it.
that's a big cloud.
*sigh* ok well, i'm off to study for a history quiz tomorrow at... shudder... school. how am i going to get through the day? (i'm thinking sweats, sorry. slackerism calls.)
i'm outie.
~ r

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