Friday, August 8, 2008

ehh, is it the morning? dang.

yeah it's 12:13 am (ha ha)... jesse and i watched bourne identity and colbert... funny. except i ate lots of pretzels and now don't feel too super. so i'm verbally abusing J on facebook... an excellent pastime, if i do say so myself. lol.
speaking of J...
there appears to be some sort of... thing. with him and... another unnamed individual (female). more on that, if anything develops...
oh yeah. the YG olympics were today... i won the marshmallow launching from nostril competition, with a record 6'... the only one who came even a little close was J, who was like 2 feet away. A and i won 2nd place in the egg toss, and 1st in the egg race thing. there was also laying-in-puddles-in-the-street-while-it-rained-really-hard thing, which was fun, and sitting on whipped cream balloons, and a GIANT water fight at the end, which involved ice water, buckets, a hose, and stealing a key to sneak over and refill the buckets, only to have me turn around and see everyone looking and me, A, J, and michelle b. that was funny. K and i ended up not running.
ok i'm too tired so i'm outie.

~ r

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